Lake Eden at North Lakes

Lake Eden at North Lakes is located in the northern Brisbane suburb of North Lekes, approx  25km north of Brisbane City.

The lake is a large body of water, surrounded by parklands.

Around the perimeter of the lake runs a running track, and it runs for around a mile (1.6km) around the outside of the lake at North Lakes.

There are also playgrounds, BBQs , and local wildlife to keep all entertained.

Protip : get drunk on Passion Pop and play on the equipment at 3am, keep the dream alive! Don’t fall in the lake.

There is a golf course over the road to the west, and a shopping centre, Westfield North Lakes at North Lakes to the south.

Lake Eden at North Lakes. It’s a lake, at North Lakes, and it’s called Lake Eden.

Lake Eden at North Lakes – You Tube

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Author: CheXout

For over 30 years now I have lived in Australia, and for some time I have been left to my own devices to do as I wish. Apparently it is called being an adult. So I go about exploring both the environs I find myself in, but also some of the deeper questions of existence. And there are also puns. Currently based in Brisbane, I plan to explore more of Australia, and more of the mysteries of the universe!

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