Give International Peace Day A Chance

September 21st marks the International Day of Peace.

War is a terribly inefficient way to guide the future of humanity.
Rather than being a tool to decide upon who has the better ideas for the direction our species should go, it only serves to prove who has the superior weaponry, tactics, and luck.

Humanity can achieve so much more through collaboration and understanding, than through wholesale violence for political ends.

Today, as we find the world poised on the brink of nuclear holocaust, we should remember that peace begins with each of us, and that the world we see around us is the result of all of our collective choices.

eisenhower peace

Be excellent to each other. Give peace a chance.


Author: CheXout

For over 30 years now I have lived in Australia, and for some time I have been left to my own devices to do as I wish. Apparently it is called being an adult. So I go about exploring both the environs I find myself in, but also some of the deeper questions of existence. And there are also puns. Currently based in Brisbane, I plan to explore more of Australia, and more of the mysteries of the universe!

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