Mt Everest To Be Remeasured

Mt Everest stands somewhere between 8,844.43m and 8,850m above sea level, but how high exactly?


The summit of Mt Everest is the the highest point on land, however there is debate to exactly how high it is.

In 1999, The National Geographic Society determined, using satellite technology, that the summit sits at 8,850 metres above sea level.

In 2005, the Chinese expedition to the mountain found the summit to be at a height of 8,844.43 metres above sea level.

However the Nepalese maintain the mountain, which they call Sagarmatha, stands at 8,848 metres above sea level, as measured in the 1954 Survey of India.

But, since the earthquake of 2015, some have speculated that the ground beneath the Himalayas may have shifted and settled, causing the height of the great peaks at the roof of the world to come slightly closer to the sea below.

Also of note, some Everest expeditioners had reported that the Hillary Step had collapsed, a claim the Nepalese Government has denied.

Surveying is expected to begin in 2018.

Nepal to measure Mount Everest to settle debate – ABC News

Author: CheXout

For over 30 years now I have lived in Australia, and for some time I have been left to my own devices to do as I wish. Apparently it is called being an adult. So I go about exploring both the environs I find myself in, but also some of the deeper questions of existence. And there are also puns. Currently based in Brisbane, I plan to explore more of Australia, and more of the mysteries of the universe!

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