Are We Trapped In An Ever Looping Loop?

Is the universe like a DVD? And are we trapped in that DVD?
I am not a special feature, I am a free man!






Since time immemorial man has looked up and questioned the nature of the universe.

Once, the Earth was considered to be fixed at the centre of the universe with the planets and the Sun thought to orbit around, and the stars sat frozen permanently against the blanket of the sky.
Through endeavour and inquiry, we have discovered that, rather than the centre of the universe, the Earth sits as a small rocky water-covered ball, floating in space, one of nine planets orbiting an average star, in the outer spiral arm of a galaxy we call the Milky Way.


And we have discovered that everything in the universe is moving away from us, and by that we deduce, not that we are the unpopular end of the universe, but that the universe is expanding, in all of the directions it can whizz.

But, what then…?
What comes next?

Open universe.

Does it just keep expanding and expanding, forever and ever, just expanding, with everything moving further and further away from everything else, until the last of the stars die, and the universe just goes cold and dark, and forever expanding.

Perhaps some survivors cling on, on some desolate forgotten planets, making use of the last of the radiation still moving around in the universe, as gamma rays and whatnot.
What a life, if you could even call it living, eating compressed food tablets made from hydrated rocks, catching radio waves with old wire hangers, and harvesting water from clouds of interstellar gas.

All that remains of humanity is a styrofoam cup and a free U2 album which can’t be deleted.

This is how it ends.

As illustrated in the diagram below :

open universe


Closed Universe

Or, at some point, will expansion come to an end?
Once the momentum has been stopped, gravity will have little trouble causing all the matter in the universe to come together, albeit very slowly, and eventually, everything will be brought back together again, in a sort of reverse Big Bang, dubbed the Big Crunch.

What would the universe look like when it is contracting? Would life go on as normal, and things just get closer and closer together, until eventually we just can’t ignore it anymore, but by then it’s far too late, and there is no way we can survive, and suddenly Mars in in your lounge room, and your left arm is inside the Sun and god damn, I guess it’s curtains for you.

Some speculate that life can only exist in an expanding phase.

What might then happen in a contracting phase? Would the laws of physics work in reverse? Would people put hats on their feet, and hamburgers would eat people?
Would history play out in reverse?

Who knows…?

As shown on the diagram below :

closed universe
Looping Universe

The above are considered the “official story” for the possibilities for the fate of the universe.
But what if there was a third option?

Well there is (read : may be).

First, as we understand, the universe began with the Big Bang, which was when all the energy and matter that would go to become the universe was crushed into a tiny, infinitesimally small point, which exploded and expanded, and over 14.5 billion years, has come to be what we see around us.

What if the Big Bang was an exploding singularity, so much energy and matter, compressed into the tiniest of points, into what one could call the essence of a single point.
Just a dot, just a point of energy.

Then, we can consider Chaos Theory, which tells us that events are never random, but rather, they are just intricate intermeshings of things and moments, totally reliant on very specific initial starting conditions.
And if the exactly identical starting conditions can be replicated, then the exactly identical outcome can be achieved.

So, what if we can consider the singularity, this single point of energy, to be the essence of identical starting conditions?

And then, what if, as we say in the Closed Universe, at some point the in future, gravity overtakes the momentum of the universe, and caused it to begin to contract.
Until finally crushing itself under its own gravity into a tiny single point.

Perhaps into a singularity?

And what then would happen to that?

What if it was just so unstable, now containing everything that was once the universe, and so exploded.

Considering that it is beginning from the very same starting conditions as it did before, could we not expect that, then, the universe would play out the same way again?
With everything and everyone following the same course of actions, through all of history, again and again and again?

Are we trapped in an ever looping loop?

As shown in the diagram below :

cyclical universe

Beyond The Loop

If this is, as I have described, an ever looping universe, playing itself out again and again, then perhaps therein lies the answer to parallel dimensions.
Or rather parallel looping universes.

For example, imagine the universe, the one we are in, is a DVD.
Every time you put the DVD in the DVD player, it will play the same movie, but if you put a different DVD in, you can play a different movie.
And so, if we can somehow skip from one universe to another, we can jump from, say, Frozen (2013), to Cube (1997), and suddenly find ourselves in a new loop.
Where once was a magical musical fairytale land, where a misunderstood snow queen had fled her own coronation, leaving the kingdom in a eternal winter, now we find ourselves in some sort of, I don’t know, prison of the future? How did we get in here? Why are there so many doors?
You’re going to try that one? Ok, I don’t see what could go wr…. oh god.
What is this place? There is no way out of here!!

And so, we could go from this loop, to another loop, and it would be a very similar, but slightly different, or possibly very different, loop.

Like at the end of Men In Black, <SPOILER ALERT> when it turns out that the whole universe is just a marble in a bag of other universe marbles, in the hands of these super extra dimensional beings, yeah.
And in the marble, it just keeps on looping.

And I guess, if it’s true, then I post this every time.

Author: CheXout

For over 30 years now I have lived in Australia, and for some time I have been left to my own devices to do as I wish. Apparently it is called being an adult. So I go about exploring both the environs I find myself in, but also some of the deeper questions of existence. And there are also puns. Currently based in Brisbane, I plan to explore more of Australia, and more of the mysteries of the universe!

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